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Título: The use of mini-implant in pre-prosthetic orthodontic treatment
Autor(es): Claudino, Dikson
do Valle, Caio Vinicius Martins
Valle-Conti, Karina Martins
Peres, Cristiano Duarte
Pereira, Jefferson Ricardo
Tipo de material: Artigo completo publicado em periódico
Data: 2018
Palavras-chave: Orthodontics
Orthodontic Anchorage Procedure
Resumo: The use of skeletal anchorage through mini-implants has been widely widespread in orthodontic treatment today, detaching therapies with complex orthodontic movements and need for maximum anchorage. The aim of this article is to describe an orthodontic treatment case report using mini-implant, in order to the preparation for prosthetic rehabilitation in clinical situation of multiple dental losses in an adult patient. Partial bonding of brackets edgewise prescription in maxilla was carried out, also the alignment and leveling with sequence of nickel-titanium and stainless steel arches. Posteriorly, a mini-implant with 8 millimeters length was inserted for movement and retraction with maximum control of anchorage in the right superior region hemi-arch, together with elastics and mechanic springs. Orthodontic mechanics proposed reached satisfactory alignment and leveling of teeth involved, recovering space for an appropriate prosthetic rehabilitation. The treatment demonstrated very acceptable itself, with maintenance of face balance and patient’s satisfaction with the result obtained. The use of mini-implant to help orthodontic treatment showed efficiency in the clinical case presented. Its handling was easy with low cost, the different possibilities of configuration for load vectors and elimination of anchorage losses in complex orthodontic movements are some characteristics which made the mini-imp
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